Monday, 16 March 2009

Approximate Costs Involved

Flight Alicante £40
Baggage £15
Bus Valencia £20
Puncture collect and repair £40
Bed in Vallacayo £35
Oil seal breakdown £65
Ferry half fare (donated to fund) £60
Bed Stratford (donated to fund) £20
Fuel 14 days approx £7/day £98
2 stroke and engine oil £22
Mobile top ups £70
1 meal and a couple of snacks £12
Coffees and beers approx £7/day £98
Bike £260

total £855

day 1 Bench in avelanche
day 2 2 hours outside restaurant
Day 3 Plazza in Madrid
Day 4 Marquee in Getafe
Day 5 Hotel Vallodalid
Day 6 Library entrance Palencia
Day 7 Hotel Villacayo
Day 8 Bus shelter Bilbao/san Sebastian
Day 9 Attic Conomarras bar Bordeaux
Day 10 Entrance Justice courts Saintes
Day 11 MG invite to his house
Day 12 Yves in Dinard (French Branch)
Day 13 Cabin St Malo Portsmouth ferry
Day 14 Colin (Team Renault engineer) Stratford
Day 15 Brother and Law in Nantwich

Tomorrow Roll of Honour
Acts of kindness from Spain France and England

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