Thursday, 12 March 2009

St Malo - Liverpool

Well thanks to The French Reds I was booked on the Brittany Ferries to Portsmouth. It was like a cruise ship. Eight decks, swimming pool, cinema, cabaret and at last cheap beer. The ferry was twice the rate cos it does the weekend cruise lark and was quite full. I put my own half of the fare into the collection as Yves in St Malo insisted they pay the whole fare. A great gesture from les lads.

Arrived in sunshine in Portsmouth although it was pretty cold. Up the A3 towards Farnham area before heading North towards Oxford. I was in Alton near Basingstoke and stopped at a Costa Coffee. Amazing that I sat down next to a neighbour from Bradford who moved south 3 years ago. Getting close to Oxford the weather changed to driving rain and hail. Then came to the big bikers cafe on the Reading to Oxford road. I pulled in and parked next to all the 1000cc machines but had them all amazed at the journey. Photo job to go on their website but forgot the address so if anyone knows the place let me know.

I was trying to make Stratford but surrendered to the cold and decided to do B & B. The one opposite the pub I stopped at was thirty five quid but a guy in the pub offered me a room for twenty. After agreeing and telling him the story he gave me the twenty back and told me to put it in the kitty. It turned out his wife was from New Brighton and he was himself an engineer for team Renault in F1 and was a bike racer years ago. His wife had a stew on for when we went to the house and I had a detached flat for the night.

Following day headed for a stop at Nantwich at my Brother in Laws. That would give me a short trip in to Liverpool for the game. Stopped near Market dreighton by some old cars for a fag break. The guy whose cars they were suggested doing a Robin Reliant to Rome. That has me thinking.

The short ride into Liverpool gave me the chance to stop at my friends in Lark Lane and get a bucket together for the city. Collected more for the appeal and arrived in city centre at two. The police wouldn't let me near Mathew street so sat in Williamson square by the Queens and gained the interest of the Spanish lads who were all chipping into the fund. An interview with Danish TV about Jan Molby before I forced them to do a separate interview about the appeal. Can't tell you which station unfortunately.

Onto the Barlow, the Clock, King Harry where I rejoine Neil from Madrid and Nige then onto the HJC shop to meet the lads from Ray of Hope for photo shoot and hand over the bucket.

Bike parked up in Epsteins and then the glory of the result.

Ride over Job done

A big thanks to everyone who helped make this a special event.

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