Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Thousand Acts of Kindness (or felt like)

It takes time to fully download please allow time

Graham in Valencia who picked me up at the bus station and got me out to the bike. The led me out to the rode out west to Madrid.

The couple who weren't alarmed when I stopped them in Alborache to get a light for a cigarette butt in the middle of the night.

The kids at the bus stop who gave me fag papers in the early morning.

The guy in the bar at Alborache who lifter me back to Turis to find a puncture repair.

The two women who picked me up on the road and took me back to Alborache.

Vicente Grau Fernández who wanted to put the bike in the his car and transport it to Buñol 6 miles away. When I refused he lifted me there and arranged for them to pick the bike up and repair it.

The mechanic at Dimas Pneumos in Buñol who worked on it immediately.

The cops who didn't give me too hard a time when I strayed onto the motorway

The two couples in Madrid who texted on their phones for me when I had run out of credit.

Neil and Aidan from Madrid who fed and re-equiped me as well as feeding me. Neil especially for sorting things on route.

Getafe City for leaving a marquee up for me to sleep in.

The two bikers who translated my needs to Victor Gaston from aeroclub de Toledo, who took a photo of me up the Puerto de Guaderrama and then e-mailed it on

Juanma for inviting me to his and Mars appartment in Valladolid to be cared for.

The Cisterniger Bikers Club for putting me up in a hotel at Valladolid.

Raul and his friend Gon in the bar at Trigueros del Valle, who not only bought me drinks but invited me home for a meal and though I had no time got me a pair of gloves then led me to the service road of the Motorway up to Palencia

The service station girl in Palencia, who gave me a packet of biscuits without asking and then let me charge my phone

The female red from San Sebastian who wanted to assist but I had already passed through.

Caroline and everyone at the Connomaras in Bordeaux who had a plate of fish and chips, a guinness and the TV on with the game, then put me up in the attic for the night.

The French Justice system for a splendid room with a view in Sainte.

The biker Hevayer Romain, who towed me, linking arms, to a repair shop when I broke down in La Rochelle.

The team at Chiasson at La Rochelle who eventually dropped everything on the command of the mechanics mother to get the bike back on the road and on schedule.

All the gang, Gaël, Eric, MG, Winsley andthe boss of the bar Christine, at Le Bar Des Chouans in the small Bazoges en Paillers village, especially MG and his wife Jessica who put me up for the night and shared a meal and a couple of bottles of bubbly.

Yves and Marie in Dinard who greeted me and dined, housed, fumigated my clothes and couldn't do enough for me.

The French branch for funding the ferry from St Malo to get me back on time.

Colin and Sue near Stratford who gave me a room for £20 and then put it back in the fund for Ray. Not only did this but invited me to eat with them.

Jack and Liz who turned up to find a vagrant with a big white beard and a moped sitting in their back garden. Just as well they know me.

All the Real supporters who chipped into the buckets in Liverpool.

Finally. Every single person who contributed donations to Ray or even a cigarette to an old fart on a moped.

Thosuands of tiny acts of kindness that although I did not need my faith in the human race restoring, did remind me what a wonderful world we are.

If I missed one act out forgive me it gets blurred.


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