Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Valladolid to Bordeaux

Juanma Mar y Paula
Just about to set off fron Bordaux. Quick update up to last night.

Left Vallodolid on Sat late after the disappointment of the game. It was bloody freezing and smooching round the back lanes heading topalencia. Had to stop at a bar to get directions and got talking to a spanish biker Raul and friend Gon (trails) dressed like robo cop. he said he had seen the story on spanish tv and announced me to the bar. Offered to take me home for a meal even though I refused, but got me a pair of gloves before showing me out onto the service road of the M way.
Made Palencia and found a love of books as I slept in the doorway of a library. Time for an education eh;
Next day a young girl at the services took pity on me even without knowing the story gave me a packet of biscuits free and then explaining the story charged my phone
Over the hills to Cantabria where the weather changed. Snow was forecast for the tops and sure as hell it was cold and then the rain came; The scenery coming down into what could only be described as a big bathtub in the middle of the mountains was breathtaking.I was so cold I just booked into the first hotel I could find Vallacayo???at £35 .
I waited for the rain to fade in the norning before heading to Bilbao unfortunately there was a deluge before Bilbao and I got soaked through and spent two hours in a bus shelter drying off before entering a lovely city, Had a brief moment of no rain but on leaving it kicked off again and had to sit under shelter for an hour or two. LFC TV rang me to do an interview at 11 that night so got going along the twisting coastline towards San Sebastian. Did the phone in in a market square then set off again. Unfortunatley no gas stations open and eventually ran out next to a closed one that had an enormous bus shelter next to it, that I could get the bike under out of sight.
The coldest night so far. Temps must have been down to freezing if not lower.
In the morning the sun was out but patchy freezing fog , but my god the coast is beautiful. Finally escaped out of San Seb and over the border into Francia and onwards past the pine trees of the coast line. Sun was shining but the air was cool when riding. It was a long haul up to Bordeaux to catch the game in Connamaras? Irish pub in Bordeaux. Neil (Madrid) contacted them and although there were no Reds there Caroline had a plate of fish and chips and a Guinness waiting for me and a bunk up in the attic. And more importantly we won again.
Sleeping in a bed makes me soft and I have been slow to get going today cos of the rain and above all tiredness.
Just got a Kaghoul from the shop and expect to get going again soon.
You know life starts at 40 but christ theres not much left of it after 50 so need to enjoy this as I am doing.

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