Sunday, 22 February 2009

Hi From Valencia

OMG a bad result but non the less look on the bright side especially for Ray.

I am amazed by the number of people who put themselves forward when required.
Neil from Madrid Reds
Graham from Valencia who is helping at that end
Karl from the appeal who is active in the publicity.
Rushian from Red and White Kop.
The list can go on and that's not to mention the anonymous donors towards the purchase of the bike.

Another moment that brought tears to my eyes was the donations from the Barlows(my pub) and the short lived collection at the Annie Road that was brought to an end through lack of permits.

Now it might not seem a lot in the grand scheme of things but let me up date you on contributions.

Anfield Road collection with the help of a few stewards there-----~20.50
The Barlows and the Management---------------------------------51.60

That is 72.10 so far with the appeal going into Madrid and return to Liverpool to come

Many thanks for all contributions.

Tomorrow sees the departure from these shores to Alicante.

I have had so much support from Real and Atleti supporters and have been contacted by the press in Spain who wish to tell the story of Ray and the trip.

Great to see exposure for Ray and for Parkinsons.

For now I need to finish preparations for tomorrow.

I'll ee those who are there, in Madrid and those who aren't, back at Anfield for the second leg.
Buenas Noches y muchas gracias


OK so a long day today. This is Graham writing from Valencia after leaving Harry on a dodgy bike that doesn't like hills, not exactly true, it doesn't mind the downhill bits. So this is what happened today.

Harry got into Alicante on time and got an ALSA bus to Valencia. He eventually got here at 7pm so I picked him up at Valencia bus station and then we had to go for the big search to find a place to change some pounds into Euros. You would think this is rather easy but not so in Valencia so we had to go to central Valencia to get some cash. We have still not got a copy of the passport to make sure the bike can be put into Harry's name (Note to Harry - Send me a fax tomorrow from Madrid and I will scan it to Juanjo so he can go to the traffic dept on Wednesday.)

Anyway we then go to Picassent about 15km out from Valencia to pick up a motorbike that hasn't been used for about a year. Now there are a couple of tricks to this, one you need to start it up on a downslope because it needs to be moving and secondly it doesn't have a key so we needed a lock otherwise all of you wise guys reading this in Madrid might take it for a joyride.

So it is 50cc so not allowed on the motorways. Therefore we had to sort of invent the route from Picassent to get on the road to Madrid, the old one. It is at this point that we realise that the bike doesn't like hills too much. 20kph uphill and up to 60kph down, flying! Therefore at 9.30pm I left Harry with loads of good wishes and high hopes that the bike stands up to it.

Will the bike and Harry make it? If you are in Madrid for the match then search him out and donate. Remember he is doing this for the Ray Of Hope Charity

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