Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Day 1 Valencia - Cuenca Map

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Next Monday sees the launch of the Appeal Mobile and its first run which is in support of the Ray of Hope Appeal. The Ray of Hope is an appeal for the benefit of Ray Kennedy who played for Arsenal and Liverpool before Parkinsons disease finished his career prematurely. The full story of Ray and the appeal can be found here.The Appeal Mobile is a 50cc moped/mobike that I have bought on E-Bay and is located in Valencia. It is intended to make the vehicle a focal point at Euro aways for specific LFC causes and charity appeals.By continuing to use the bike, which is already 20 years old, on these trips it is hoped to make the bike an historic vehicle that will increase in value and increase revenue for charitable causes when it is finally put to rest.I will be making the journey by moped from Valencia/Alicante (depending on if the seller can get it to me in Alicante) to Madrid for the first leg and then traveling on to Liverpool to arrive in time for the return leg. The route will take me through Valladolid, Bilbao, Bordeaux, Nantes, Cherbourg across to Portsmouth and up to Anfield.
Monday 23rd February

Today will be the most difficult day.
I fly out from Leeds/Bradford at 11 am and arrive 3 pm in Alicante. I then have to bus it into the centre and get the train to Valencia and then find the location of the bike.
I can imagine I won't be leaving there till mid evening if Juan the seller is as friendly as his assistance was in getting the bike. A big Valencia fan who also follows Arsenal in the prem. (I'll forgive him though)
There seems a lack of smaller roads out of Valencia so it looks as though I'll be riding down the hard shoulder of the motorway for a few miles.
The Target is Cuenca which I think is about 150 miles out, but near enough to push for an earlyish arrival in Madrid on Tuesday. But feel like I might have to stop when necessary and do whats left the next day

Cuencas hanging houses.

Now thats living life on the edge

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